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At Extended Care Medical Transportation, our mission is to provide everyone, regardless of their mobility challenges, exceptional service that stands out from the pack. Discover what sets us apart and drives our passion to constantly provide positive experiences for our customers.


About Our Company

We have been in the business of providing affordable, safe and reliable medical transportation services to our customers in the Chicagoland and NW Indiana area since 2001. Our journey started when we realized there was a huge gap in the industry for dependable, quality transportation services for the elderly and disabled, so we set out to bridge that gap and bring our service to as many people as we can.

After acquiring and merging with two other medical transportation services in 2012, a new collective company was formed under the Extended Care Medical Transportation name. This allowed us to offer more services to our customers, while also expanding our coverage area.

Throughout the years, we have built a reputation with customers, nursing homes and medical facilities as a trusted name in the industry for our exceptional customer service, professionalism and consistency.

Many factors contribute to our success in delivering quality service, but none of it is possible without an incredible team behind it. Our staff is composed of caring individuals that love what they do and are passionate about contributing to their communities.

For us, it's more than just a job. We pride ourselves on our family-like atmosphere that extends from our employees to our customers. Whether it's the person you speak to over the phone, or the driver that transports you, we aim to provide friendly, quality service every time to exceed your expectations.

"Customers will never love a company, unless it's employees love it first"

- Simon Sinek

Our Drivers And Vehicles

Our Drivers

Our friendly and caring drivers are important to what we do, as they are not only your caregivers on the road, but also a representation of our company values. You can be rest assured that we never outsource or broker rides to 3rd party companies who we have no control of, and we only use in-house employed drivers who have received extensive training that exceeds state requirements, have been background checked, passed a drug test and have squeaky clean driving records.


Our Vehicles And Equipment

Our fleet of vans puts us in a different lane than our competitors. While most companies prefer to use minivans with ramps due to their low cost, they are not recommended for professional use due to their limitations.

Extended Care Medical Transportation only uses full-sized vans with Braun hydraulic lifts that are considered the gold standard in the industry and designed for professional use to accommodate all size wheelchairs and scooters weighing up to 800 pds for a safer and more reliable traveling experience.

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Taking the first step towards stress-free, reliable, and compassionate non-emergency medical transportation in Chicago and the surrounding areas has never been easier. By filling out the form, you're not just scheduling a trip but investing in a service committed to making each journey as comfortable and personalized as you deserve.

Let Extended Care Medical Transportation elevate your NEMT experience - because you shouldn't settle for anything less.

Whether for routine medical visits, social events, or specialized appointments, our fleet is fully equipped, and our team is trained to meet your unique needs. Don't leave your comfort and safety to chance; choose a service that understands and values you.

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